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The die cutting process is a very important process after the surface treatment process. The following is an introduction to the die cutting process in our factory.

1. Overview of Processing Process

The general die cutting and indentation process is:

Upper version → Adjust pressure → Determine rules → Sticky rubber → Test die-cutting → Formal die-cutting → Finishing and cleaning → Finished product inspection → Point packing.

2.Second, processing technology

Taking the main object of die-cutting and creasing processing as an example, the carton generally needs to go through the process of material opening → printing → surface processing → die-cutting and creasing → box making.

Before the die-cutting indentation is to be made, the grid position of the die-cut plate must be consistent with the printed grid position; then the post-printed cardboard is processed on the die-cutting machine using the die-cutting technology process.

3.The prepared embossed plate is installed and fixed in the plate frame of the die-cutting machine, the position is adjusted initially, and the operation process of obtaining the initial embossed effect is called the upper plate. Before loading the plate, it is required to proofread the die-cutting and creasing plate and confirm the requirements before starting the loading operation.

4.Then adjust the layout pressure. This is usually done in two steps. Adjust the pressure of the steel knife first: After inserting the paper, start the printing a few times first. The purpose is to flatten the steel knife and hold it against the pad, and then use cardboard with an area larger than the die cutting plate (usually 400-500g / m2). Test pressure, according to the cut of the steel knife on the cardboard, using local or all gradually increase or decrease the number of paper pads, so that the layout of the knife line pressure to achieve uniformity; then adjust the pressure of the steel wire; general steel wire It is 0.8mm lower than the steel knife. In order to obtain the ideal pressure for the steel wire and the steel knife, the pressure of the steel wire should be carried out according to the properties of the molded cardboard. Adjustment When considering only the thickness of paperboard as the main factor, the thickness of the pad paper is generally determined by using the theoretical calculation method or the test-based empirical estimation method based on the thickness of the pressed paperboard.

5.After all adjustment work is ready, the sample should be stamped out and a comprehensive inspection should be performed to see if the product indicators meet the requirements. After confirming that all the items tested have reached the standard, and leaving the sample, the production can be officially started. . Every working day, the requirements of the product should be re-examined in order to detect and deal with problems early.

For the products after die-cutting and creasing, the excess material should be removed, which is called stripping, also known as blanking, chip removal, torn edge, push core, etc., that is, take out the box core from the bad material and clean it. The cut of the cleaned product should be smooth and smooth. If necessary, the cut should be polished with sandpaper or scraped with a spatula.

6.After cleaning, check the finished product. After the product quality inspection is qualified, carry out point packaging, and remove the defective products from the points. The error should generally not exceed 20,000 to 30,000.

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