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The pasting is also a very important part of the production process of packaging products.

Gaofei Packaging has a very professional pasting team, and our pasting workers with rich experienced.

The following is a summary of the daily experience of our team of pasting workers.

1 Preparation before box-gluing:

1.1. After receiving the glue box work order issued by the workshop, the operator carefully verifies the requirements of the work order, and clarifies the name of the processed product, specifications, size, quantity, box requirements and main precautions.

1.2. Sampling inspection of the semi-finished products handed over from the previous process, if the quality is found to be unqualified, it can be rejected.

1.3. Prepare processed products and glue.

1.4. Check whether the machine parts and operation keys are in normal state.

2 Tuning the machine:

2.1. Place the product neatly at an angle below 30 ° with the paper conveying belt. Adjust the tightness of the ejection knife so that the gap between the product and the belt is moderate to avoid double or broken sheets.

2.2. according to the product specifications and dimensions of the die-cut marks.

2.3. Adjust the pre-folding position of the printed parts so that the pre-folding and the outer folding pre-folding are fully in place.

2.4. Adjust the belt so that the inside and outside speeds of the belt are uniform, and the mouth of the box and the die-cut line are kept at the same level.

2.5. Adjust the amount of glue applied to the coating wheel and the pressure of the tableting wheel so that the amount of glue is moderate and the glue layer is uniform.

3 Boot box:

3.1. The machine slowly pastes the right amount of boxes. Check the quality of the boxes according to the product quality standards. After the implementation of the "sign sample" system, the machine speeds up to normal operation and mass production. And check the quality of the paste box at any time, and adjust the machine in time when problems are found. .

3.2. In the paste box, the amount of glue in the plastic box and the coating situation should be observed, and the rubber material should be added in time.

3.3. When unqualified products are found, they should be opened in time, clean the box glue, and re-process the hand lay-up. Pay attention to the tightness of the pack.

3.4. Pack the products with different normal color difference range, and mark each package (carton). And do a good job of product self-inspection records and shift records. Drain the sewage from the compressor.

4 Work after shutdown:

4.1. Clean the plastic tank.

4.2. Clean up the surplus, do equipment maintenance and environmental sanitation


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