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Printing is the very important stages of production. Because of the perfect printing can make the box more beautiful and give the top impression, which can add value to the packaging and products. First-class facilities, technology and management are the guarantee of perfect services and first-class products.

Gaofei Packing focuses on the two main types of printing: offset printing and flexible printing.

Offset printing is a regular used technique in which an inked image is transferred from a printing plate to a blanket and then to a printing surface. The printed graphic part and the non-printed graphic part are located on the same plane. It is based on the principle of water and oil incompatibility. Offset printing is the creative printing of consumer product packaging, from influencing education to the printing of books, periodicals and other reading materials, The packaging industry has invaded every aspect of our lives.

The flexible printing method is slightly different. It uses flexographic printing plates. The ink is transferred through an anilox roller, which is covered with thousands of small cups or small holes, which distribute the ink with a uniform thickness. The anilox transfer roller spreads the ink on the printing plate. The substrate is then run between a print roller and an impression cylinder. Finally, the press feeds the substrate into a dryer to prevent soiling. Flexible is environmentally friendly. The printing color has high saturation, wide printing range and high printing efficiency.

In the printing process, our printing workers have rich experience and skills, so we can guarantee the exquisite printing. The following is a summary of our printing experience.

1. Master water-ink balance skills and apply them to actual printing work

For offset printing, water-ink balance is critical. When pre-adjusting the ink of each job, the amount of water should be reduced first (this is because if the ink amount of the previous job is larger, the water amount will be correspondingly larger. If the next job is pre-inking Do not reduce the amount of water, which will cause the phenomenon of large flushes of ink.) After printing the plate, observe whether there is floating dirt at the mouth. If not, continue to reduce the amount of water. If there is floating dirt, gradually increase the amount of water to the mouth. The floating density just disappears; after the printing is started, the solid density value on the signal bar is within the standard range, and when the floating density at the mouth just disappears, the water-ink balance is in the best state; when the printing speed gradually increases, because The alcohol in the fountain solution volatilizes quickly, and it is easy to produce floating stains at the mouth of the fountain. The printer's chief should spot check the printed products and observe the middle position and sides of the paper at the mouth. If floating stains appear, increase the amount of water. Until the floating dirt disappears. It should be noted that while increasing the amount of water, it is necessary to increase the amount of ink until the ink-water balance is reached. This is because if only the amount of water is increased and the amount of ink is not added, the ink color will be diluted, which will cause the print color to fade. Ink color cannot be consistent.

2. Master the skills to keep the ink color of printed products consistent

When the ink color of the printed product is inconsistent, the printer chief should adjust the pressure of the bucket roller, the pressure of the plate water roller and the printing plate, the pressure of the plate ink roller and the printing plate, and the pressure of the two ends of the ink roller. During the printing process, the printer chief should pay attention to the "three levels", that is, the ink roller level, water roller level, and roller level. Only when the pressure of the water and ink rollers are within the normal range, can the ink color of the printed product be consistent.

3. Familiar with pre-press professional knowledge and thoroughly understand printed materials

Our printer chief is familiar with pre-press expertise and understands gray balance, color management and other technologies, which are more conducive to printing operations; familiar with the basic composition, performance, and other raw and auxiliary materials such as paper, ink, fountain solution, printing plates, blankets, etc. Changes in the printing process can be taken before printing to prevent related failures.


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