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Quality Control

Our goal is to provide the best products to every customer. This is the wish of our factory. Professional testing and quality assurance is one of our most important production management policies. This is our quality control department. Gaofei Packaging has established a professional quality control department; it has various advanced testing equipment.

For example, fully automatic precision quality testing machine, thickness tester, constant temperature and humidity test room, resistance and resistance control equipment, carton compression tester or color density detector. With the help of testing facilities, we can meet your material reporting requirements and provide you with ETC testing, burst testing, break box testing, etc.

We also have strict color printing control, professional ink masters and professional technicians to complete various processing procedures from dye cutting molds to CPT making, printing, laminating, pressing, cutting and gluing to packaging.

Especially for color printing, in our standard laboratory, we use a color detector to reduce the color difference and spot check the printing paper when printing to meet your high requirements for color control on the box.

Therefore, we provide you and your customers with satisfactory and high-quality products is the most concerned goal of our factory. Guaranteeing quality is the stronger support for our Goofy brand. Based on the concept of development and innovation, our mission is to manufacture high-quality products that satisfy customers, improve quality, and strive for excellence and perfection is what we do now and in the future. Thank you very much for your always trusts and supports with our company.


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