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With over 2 decades experience, we are confident to provide you one-stop packaging solution to rise the brand value. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of products and one-stop packaging solution for different industries like Catering, Apparel, Food & Wholesaler, etc.


Needs of packaging is quite different between industries.Therefore,it is essential to custom packaging based on actual need of customers instead of using ordinary type.Thanks for 20+ year experience working with customers in different in dustries,our team are confident to provide you pratical and Integrated packaging solution.We also called it ONE-STOP SOLUTION.

Packing Design

In a retail environment, packaging that is unique or creative tends to attract attention. Think about it – if you’re competing on the retail shelf with other manufacturers using similar packaging, it's the different style, or look, that stands out. So stand out for your product from the competition is a critical step in selling your product. Persuasion is the next step. You have to convince the consumer that your product will solve their problem – and you do this by defining the product the way you want the consumer to see it. The look and feel of the packaging, the benefits, features and messages all focused on one thing: to sell your product.

Retail product packaging that is visually appealing with crisp, concise text and clear graphics is a winning combination. And persuasive product packaging results from thoughtful designing from the consumer’s point of view. When combined, these elements make for irresistible packaging, and greatly improve your chances of a sale.

Although there are many packaging solutions available to you, custom boxes are a great choice for your merchandise packaging. HC Cosmetic Packaging provide plenty of real estate to define your message. And printed boxes are quite versatile - they can easily be customized with metallic, inks, foils, glosses, windows, and special die cuts that enhance and highlight your product. This packaging variability makes it easier for you to define your products the way you want consumers to perceive it.

Special Die Cut

When designing your custom box, don't forget that all our boxes are custom die cut boxes, and can be modified with special die cuts to differentiate your product and help it stand out. Die cuts that create windows or follow design elements not only accentuate your product, but also introduce a fun and playful look to your custom packaging. And if you are designing retail merchandise packaging it's particularly effective in attracting attention.

Custom boxes with unique die cuts draw interest from consumers, which ultimately is what you're looking for.


When do windows make sense? How do you make good use of windows in your box design? A clear polypropylene film window or a simple cut out?

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but windows can be especially valuable in showcasing a product. A window is an invitation to directly examine a product; it can be a simple die cut out to allow touching and/or releasing a fragrance, or applying a window film so the product can be seen and protected at the same time. Die cut box windows can be playful and fun, following product contours and simple designs, or quite minimalist and functional: rectangular windows to get the job done.

Whether to window or not is a design consideration that depends on the type of product and what you are trying to achieve in your packaging. Custom box printing that use windows in a clever or novel way generates curiosity and interest.

Embossing & Foil

A quick way to increase the perceived value of your product is by adding embossing / debossing, or metallic and pigmented foils to your custom boxes. These design elements add a new dimension, and elegance, to your packaging that can't be achieved by print alone. Embossing raises a graphic element above the surface of the paper, whereas debossing depresses the image. The result is an image that can be seen and felt. When combined with printing that plays off an embossed image or logo, the composite graphic can be quite stunning.

Metallic foils such as golds and silvers are one element that just can't be duplicated with print. When a custom box is foiled, a very thin metallic image is stamped onto the box. The resulting foiled image accents, highlights, and reflects light as only a metal can, thus drawing attention to your custom packaging, which is ultimately what you're striving to do.

Foiling and embossing are two processes that really do complement each other. Printed boxes containing these elements comprise maybe 5% of all custom packaging, and are usually seen in high end luxury brand merchandise packaging.

If you are looking for a way to set your custom packaging apart from the crowd, consider adding these options to your printed boxes - you'll be in good company.

UV Finishes

To coat ... or not to coat, that is the question... (that's not exactly what Shakespeare said, but it's close). Coating is where you apply the finishing touches to your custom packaging. UV refers to the curing process for a class of gloss/semi-gloss coatings applied to a custom folding carton. A clear liquid coating is applied to the printed surface, and the coating is immediately dried/cured as it passes under an ultra violet light (hence UV). The result is a high gloss or matte type finish on the carton, depending on what you choose for a finishing coat.

One of the nice things about UV is its versatility in how you can incorporate it into your packaging design. While box manufacturers in general simply flood coat (the entire carton is coated with UV), the Box Co-op can create unique effects by spot coating certain areas or design elements on the printed box. Think about spot coating a product title, company name, printed logo, or other images on the package to make those images stand out.

A creative and clever way of using spot UV on printed boxes is creating the illusion of touch and feel. By adding spot UV to create feel and texture you add a new dimension to your box printing. Spot coated areas have a slightly raised surface, and, depending on the type of coating, a different texture than the printed surface. The result is an image that can be felt as well as seen. Imagine the pebbly feel of an orange peel, or the coarseness of wet sand. You see the image; you also expect to feel the texture of the orange, or sand, when you run your finger over it. Printed boxes that use spot UV in this way make for very effective product packaging.

UV coating come in a variety of finishes. Some of the more popular finishes for printed box packaging include:
Gloss: The classic finish seen on most product packaging. Clear, very glossy and slick to the touch, this finish will give your product a high end, luxurious look and feel. And you can even add tints, like sepia or rose, to create a special effect.

Matte: A natural looking, very flat finish – no gloss at all. Different abrasives can be added to give the box a tactile feel that consumers aren’t used to feeling. Think about a very fine grit sand paper - it feels nice to the touch.

Soft Touch: This is a matte style coating with very fine abrasives added. Similar to matte coating, when you run your finger over the finish, the texture feels, well,...soft! Glitter: Think about the glitter used on greeting cards. Selective use of glitter on your custom boxes can make for very elegant packaging.

PMS Colors

What's in a color? If you're talking about full color printing, also known as process printing, four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black - or in printer speak, "CMYK") are used to generate all the colors on your box. Each of these colors are printed in a dot mosaic in just the right proportions to fool the eye into thinking there are more colors present than actually are. Look closely at a printed image next time. If it's a process printed image, you'll see the dots! Pretty cool, huh?

In simplest terms, what process printing means is that you can use as many colors as you want, as long as they are mixed from the four colors (CMYK) on the press. You remember mixing water color paints as a child, you can create a lot of colors this way. But try mixing a metallic color, say gold, from your water color kit- it can't be done!

Enter PMS colors. PMS (formally known as the Pantone Matching System) colors were developed by Pantone, a printing ink manufacturer. Pantone came up with a standard set of colors, which are all numbered, and the matching ink formulas to recreate that set of colors. Printers just consult a swatch book of these colors and request the color of the ink swatch they want.

PMS colors are custom mixed colors, no four color dots involved! Whereas color in process printing can vary ever so slightly from print run to print run, PMS colors stay true to their original color. The down side is they cost more to print, but for certain colors it's worth the additional costs.

What do PMS colors offer?

Ink colors are quite vibrant, usually much more so than can be achieved with standard four color process.Although process printing can duplicate PMS colors, the color tone ranges from poor to adequate, and the colors are usually quite flat, lacking vibrancy.Special colors, such as metallics and neons, can only be achieved with PMS colors.

Because PMS colors are mixed according to a constant formula, the colors don't vary in shade. You can be guaranteed the color you see in the swatch book is the color you'll see on your product package. So, if you want to add a bit of pop to your custom printed packaging, think about adding a PMS color to the mix.

Cardboard Boxes & Rigid Boxes

There are two types of boxes: folding cartons, and setup boxes, also known as rigid boxes. A folding carton can be characterized as a one piece box, one that folds flat when not in use. Whereas a setup box is typically a two piece box comprised of a rigid body with a separate lid. Both have their advantages in the packaging world.

Cardboard box

Advantage: folding and less expensive

Material for Cardboard Box

1. White card C1S: 190gsm, 200gsm, 210gsm, 230gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm

2. Coated art paper C2S: 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm

3. Special paper: with many different texture, color and grams.

4. Gold/Silver/Laser card: 120gsm, 130gsm, 180gsm, 275gsm, 325gsm, 375gsm, 425gsm 5. Greyback CCNB:200gsm, 230gsm, 250gsm, 270gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, 450gsm 

Setup boxes (also known as rigid boxes)

In contrast to folding cartons, setup boxes are a rigid box, such as the popular two-piece box, magnet box, book box – the boxes are already erected, or "set up". These boxes use much thicker paperboard, and the paperboard is laminated, or wrapped, with a high quality printed, or metallic foiled sheet. The result is a very sturdy box. The advantage of this box is very rigid and durable. It's used for gift presenting, delivery protecting, luxury packing etc 

Material for Cardboard Box

Covering/wrapping paper:

1. Coated art paper C2S: 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm

2. Special paper: with many different texture, color and grams.

3. Gold/Silver/Laser card: 120gsm,130gsm

Inside paper board:

Greyboard: 0.8mm (500gsm), 1.0mm (650gsm), 1.2mm (800gsm), 1.5mm (1000gsm), 2.0mm (1300gsm), 2.5mm (1600gsm), 3.0mm (2000gsm)


What about interior product packaging?

Most product packaging contains a single product, so packaging is quite simple. While there are more than one item to package, special die cut inserts and trays can be made to secure kit components. In certain cases, the box interior itself can be partitioned to hold multiple products. And most point of purchase displays require an independent partitioned insert to segment, display, and hold products securely.

Material for the holder/tray/insert/inner 

1. EVA: various of colors and thickness, depends on customers specifically needs.

2. High density foam/sponge: various of colors and thickness, depends on customers specifically needs.

3. Paper card: can be plain white or printed, depends on customers specifically needs.

4. Plastic tray: transparent, colored, with/without flocking,customized shape.

5. Cardboard cover with satin: customized color & shape.

If you need special inserts and partitions to secure your packaging, just ask us about it.

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