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Surface Treatment

In order to protect printed matter and meet the requirements of our customers. We will perform surface treatment on printed products, such as water-based coatings, glossy or matte lamination, glossy or matt varnishes, UV varnishes, etc.

Bright Film / Dumb Film

When the surface is attached with a bright film thickness, the printed product will be very transparent and bright. Matte lamination can give the print a silky texture, look softer and have top quality.

Water-based paint

Water-based paint is a transparent, fast-drying water-based paint used to protect printed parts. Like varnishes, water-based coatings can be applied on in-line presses, but they are glossier and smoother than varnishes, have higher abrasion and abrasion resistance, are less prone to yellowing and are more environmentally friendly. Water-based coatings dry faster than varnishes, which means faster turnaround times for printing machines.


Varnishes are basically transparent inks and can be glossy, satin or matte. There are varnish, matte, UV varnish and partial UV. The varnish covers the entire printed page to provide protection or gloss. Speck varnishes usually cover specific areas of a print to make it stand out or to have a dramatic effect.

In addition to the above surface treatments, the bumps, embossing, waxing, dipping, etc. of gold / silver foil can also be customized.

Surface Treatment

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